About Us


Our Farm

Bunya Grove Produce was formed in 2016 to provide individuals and families, interested in their health and the well-being of animals with nutrient dense, ethically raised food.

Our goal is to love the land, nurture it, build soil depth and grow the farm to support a productive community. We manage the farm holistically and bio-dynamically.

Our Family

Owners Mick and Kylie were both bought up on the land. Both families having raised beef cattle, while Kylie also grew up with poultry and pig farming. Mick and Kylie along with their two boys, Patrick and Jack began raising beef cattle in 2011 and quickly realized this was their purpose and now grow persimmons, Free Range Pastured Chicken, Free Range Pastured Eggs, Free Range Duck Eggs, Free Range Pastured Pork, and Beef.

Our Vision

“Our Farm Your Food” means exactly that – we grow great food for you on our farm. We believe in bridging the gap between farmer and client, allowing all to fully understand the concepts from farm to plate. Our open gate policy allows all parties to connect to the land.

Our Mission:

Nurturing the earth, regenerating and enriching the soil producing nutrient-rich food in a harmonious and diverse environment where all creatures prosper, supporting and educating along the way. Farming for the future!

The Farm is nestled just outside Amamoor in the beautiful Mary Valley. Surrounded by Amamoor, Lewis and Diamondfields Creek our 400 acres gives both diversity and is picturesque. Located 160km North of Brisbane and 57 km to Noosa. Our annual rainfall is 1180mm, feeding volcanic soil where bunya pines and rainforest timbers grow naturally