Sweet, Non Astringent, Seedless Persimmon

Our sweet, non-astringent, seedless persimmons are grown using biodynamic and holistic principles. The season begins at the end of February and runs through to May each year.

We grow two varieties, Jiro and Fuju, these are sweet, non-astringent and seedless. This delicious fruit can be eaten straight from the tree hard or soft.

A season in the orchard:

Spring: Bud Break occurs at the end of August; the tree will produce buds and leaves together until the beginning of December.

Summer: Summer is our busiest time in the orchard, feeding, watering and maintaining the tree preparing for harvest. Trees are netted in January to protect fruit from birds and bats. Picking begins at the end of February.

Autumn: Persimmon trees are deciduous and after harvest, sometime in May the trees will begin to shed their leaves preparing for winter dormancy. Nets will be removed and at this time our lawnmowers (cows) visit the orchard, followed by our egg layers.

Winter: Throughout winter we prune our trees, pruning each tree by hand using electric pruners or mechanical pruning using a large pair of hedging shears. Each tree is shaped ready for the new season.

During the picking season you can buy direct from the farm or from 2019 season you can pick your own, right here in Amamoor. Like our facebook page and follow us on intragram for all event details. You can also pick up our fruit from the local fruit shops.

We have no on farm wastage with all fruit used for preserving or treating the pigs. The pigs love persimmon, we call it, Persimmon pork, sweet and tender.

Persimmons are a great alternate in the lunch box or when cooking, use it in the same way you use apples and tomatoes, they are very versatile. Our favourite is straight from the tree or sliced and cooked on the BBQ with bacon and eggs.

If you are unsure how to eat a persimmon or are yet to give a persimmon a go, join us in March for Pick Your Own. Bookings essential.