Free Range Duck Eggs

Our flock of ducks comprises of Muscovy, runner ducks, and khaki Campbell, they love to forage and free range, splashing around in their ponds is an all-time favourite.

The Muscovy’s are a quiet and reserved bird whereas the runners and Khaki are noisy and excitable. Both lay an exceptional creamy and delicious egg, quite larger than a chicken egg. The shells are quite difficult to break and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours depending on breed. Duck eggs are generally higher in protein, minerals and fats.

The eggs can be eaten in the same way as a chicken egg, poached, fried, boiled, omelettes or scrambled, depending on personal preference. The eggs are fantastic used in baking.

In some cases, people have reported being able to eat duck eggs, while being allergic to chicken eggs. Please discuss all options with your doctor first.

Duck eggs are a great change from chicken eggs and are highly nutritional, give a duck egg a go this week, available Farm Direct, Noosa Farmers Market, Sunday or the Kin Kin Store.