Pastured Free Range Chicken Eggs

Our chickens are free to roam and free to scratch on fresh pasture, a truly stress-free bird. Each flock has its own custom build hen house for protection from the elements and predators at night. The hen houses are moved weekly to spread manure onto the pasture this improves the soil conditions, regenerating the farm one chicken at a time.

Our flock is made up of about 1500 Bonds Browns and Bonds Blacks which produce wonderful eggs, we feed them a grain mix with no nasties. We have plenty of space for our girls and this equates to 12hens/ha. Once the hens are retired from fulltime egg laying which is about 2 years old they are relocated to new homes.

Our Fresh Free Ranged Pasture Chicken eggs taste great and are available from:

Black Ant Gourmet/Kin Kin Store – Kin Kin

Amamoor Store – Amamoor

Noosa Farmers Market – Every Sundays

FOMO – Sunshine Beach